27 Jul / 2019(576)…CWC2019 – A complete list of statistical analysis

  World Cup 2019.


In my view the format is great for teams to perform. There are couple of things I feel that can be modified.


  • Keep same round robin format.
  • 2 games per day for first 15/20 games.
  • If a match is rained off – then have a reserve day where they can restart the whole game with toss. Teams can change their playing XI.
  • Add 2 associate teams to participate along with top 10 teams.

Here is a link to all the post related to WC 2019.

a)  Post WC reviews of all teams


Teams Team Reviews
England http://allthatcricket.com/568-cwc2019-team-review-england/
New Zealand http://allthatcricket.com/570-cwc2019-team-review-new-zealand/
India http://allthatcricket.com/568-cwc2019-team-review-india/
Australia http://allthatcricket.com/567-cwc-2019-team-review-australia/
Pakistan http://allthatcricket.com/569-cwc2019-team-review-pakistan/
Sri Lanka http://allthatcricket.com/573-cwc2019-team-review-sri-lanka/
West Indies http://allthatcricket.com/571-cwc2019-team-review-west-indies/
South Africa http://allthatcricket.com/572-cwc2019-team-review-south-africa/
Bangladesh http://allthatcricket.com/574-cwc2019-team-review-bangladesh/
Afghanistan http://allthatcricket.com/575-cwc2019-team-review-afghanistan/



  1. B) list of posts published during WC



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