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I am Krishna Tunga, a cricket analyst, living in Mumbai, India. I am the founder and creator of ALLTHATCRICKET. I have worked for international cricket teams, and also with the media to analyse performance and explore winning behaviours. ALLTHATCRICKET provides analysis of and comment on performance in cricket. For this purpose this site uses data from various sites including Cricinfo.com . If you have any questions about my work or this site you can contact me by email at tunga.krishna@gmail.com.

For my article to appear on the Clyde Street blog, was a real privilege. Gaining recognition for my work from none other than Keith Lyons was truly a humbling experience.http://keithlyons.me/2012/10/04/guest-post-krishna-tunga-on-t20-world-cup-cricket/

It was during ICC Championship Trophy(2009) in South Africa I was inspired to blog. I was there for last 3 games of the tournament, and while watching the semis and finals from Wanderers stadium- I thought of this wonderful film <All that Jazz> an 1979 American musical film directed by Bob Fosse, starring Roy Scheider. The name All that Cricket is inspired by All that Jazz!. 


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