31 May / 2019(561)…World Cup 2019 – A Review


There were 63 ODIs played before the start of World Cup 2019 (only including teams that are taking part in this tournament).

Based on margin of wins, there were very few close matches. It seems it was one-sided contest!

Here is a brief summary results.

Margin of wins(excluding D/L matches)

By Runs

  • Only 2 ODIs were won with 10 or less runs margin
  • 11 ODIs were won with 50 runs margin
  • 5 ODIs were won with 100 runs margin
  • 61 runs is the average margin of win for teams when defending a target


Wickets remaining

  • Only one ODI was won with 3 wickets remaining
  • 24 ODIs were won with 5 or wickets remaining
  • 6 wicket is the average margin of wins for teams while chasing a target



Balls remaining

  • 23 ODIs finished with 5 plus overs remaining
  • 11 ODIs finished with 10 plus overs remaining
  • 6 ODIs finished with15 plus overs remaining



Teams have arrived and settled in England, and each team was given two warm-up matches to prepare themselves.

In today’s time every team has a packed International cricket program. They play throughout the year, hence one wonders whether there is any point in playing warm up matches?. They are well prepared for this big event. These warm-up games can reveal certain information which can give an edge to few teams, especially when World Cup Playing Format is based on every team playing against each other.


Although not to look too much into it, but these warm-up matches were one-sided!.

Below is brief score summary of 10 warm-up matches.


Here is review based on this year’s performance. I was not able to watch any Afghanistan ODIs this year, hence excluded them in below analysis. 



South Africa

South Africa have the highest success rate(80%) this year (min 10 games). They also have the maximum gap between batting and bowling average.

However those 10 games were played at home condition. They played 2 series of 5 matches against Pakistan and depleted Sri Lanka who were going through difficult time in terms of team selection and cricket management in Sri Lanka.

They have covered all basic areas of the game, however big score still eludes them. Only once they have passed the 300 score while batting first(4 mts) this year. South Africa lacks power hitting skills, which today has become the most essential part of limited overs cricket.

Their strength lies in their bowling, and even with Dale Steyn’s absence(opening game v Eng)they still have a world’s best bowling combination. Their bowling could be their X-FACTOR.  Currently they are the only team having a huge gap( Batting v Bowling) in Runs/Wkt indicator.


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 48.97 Avg 27.61 Avg 21.36
R/O 5.49 R/O 5.01 R/O 0.48
Scoring rate 50.10 Scoring rate 45.53 Scoring rate 4.57
Boundary Rate 10.54 Boundary Rate 8.58 Boundary Rate 1.96



England have 63% success in 11 matches this year. It is the brand of cricket that has intimated everyone. The carefree batting is so much similar to how Australia use to bat decades ago. Their batting line-up is filled with players who can open the batting in any format!.

Every time they go to bat one expects them to score 350 plus. In 11 games 5 times they went past 350 score (1st/ 2nd bat).

However they have been ignoring their bowling performance. Those bowling indicators below suggests a modest performance. The gap is very less. They are conceding equally to what they are scoring!.

It was only last year when Scotland shocked them with a mammoth score of 371!. They won by 6 runs, as England’s gallant effort to chase down target ended 6 short at 365. Here is a link to that game http://allthatcricket.com/523-2/


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 47.12 Avg 38.71 Avg 8.41
R/O 6.76 R/O 6.65 R/O 0.11
Scoring rate 54.25 Scoring rate 54.57 Scoring rate -0.32
Boundary Rate 13.57 Boundary Rate 12.28 Boundary Rate 1.29



It was only in last 8 games they got back on the saddle and settled with their line-up and game plan. The return of Steve Smith and David Warner will give them extra edge to defend the title. They both will be part of playing XI.

It would be interesting to see who opens with Finch in this World Cup. During the ban Finch had Travis Head, Darcy’ Short, Chris Lynn, Alex Carey and Usman Khawaja. However for Australia Finch-Khawaja pair produced more runs and excellent start. In 10 inns (2019) they are averaging 81.70 featuring 3 century stand and 4 fifty plus. During the last World Cup their opening stand had only one 50 plus stand!. http://allthatcricket.com/313-world-cups-australia-5-time-world-champions/-


Till 2018 Australian bowling was struggling to pick wickets which lead to big scores. This year their bowling has improved much better!. Inclusion of spin duo of Adam Zampa and Nathan Lyon is an excellent selection by the Australians. Lyon with wealth of Test experience can be a great ally to Zampa


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 43.22 Avg 36.26 Avg 6.96
R/O 5.72 R/O 5.46 R/O 0.26
Scoring rate 52.16 Scoring rate 51.69 Scoring rate 0.47
Boundary Rate 9.67 Boundary Rate 8.76 Boundary Rate 0.91



Indian selectors must have a headache in picking this 15 man squad. They relied on experience over youth, which is always safe choice for a big event. The likes of Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav and Vijay Shankar gives them greater bench strength. These guys can be relied upon to fill in for regular batsmen in any position.

India will rely heavily on their top order to score big. However their fielding will be tested here, especially in out-field. Their bowling will rely heavily on one man, Jasprit Bumrah. It would be interesting in how he deliverers under pressure.


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 36.61 Avg 30.89 Avg 5.72
R/O 5.36 R/O 5.46 R/O -0.1
Scoring rate 47.81 Scoring rate 49.31 Scoring rate -1.5
Boundary Rate 9.64 Boundary Rate 9.70 Boundary Rate -0.06



Fairly young squad with good experienced players. Pakistan will rely on their pace bowlers to restrict teams to low scores. In recent times they have showed greater consistency with their batting. However one feels their captain Sarfraz should bat up the order, so that he can bat till the end along with fragile lower order line up. Like South Africa they don’t have a power hitter who can catapult their run rate in last 10/5 overs!.

Interestingly they lost their last two series very badly.

– v/s Australia 0-5

– v/s England 0-4

It was their bowlers who had awful series – conceding 5.82 and 7.32  in these series


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 38.44 Avg 56.87 Avg -18.43
R/O 5.77 R/O 6.06 R/O -0.29
Scoring rate 54.43 Scoring rate 53.22 Scoring rate 1.21
Boundary Rate 9.60 Boundary Rate 10.96 Boundary Rate -1.36


New Zealand

This New Zealand squad has more experienced players then they had in last World Cup. Once again they are relying on their batting to win matches. Their batting is strong and deep. However their bowling would be a concern this time around, especially if weather condition is not conducive to swing bowling. If it is then both Trent Boult and Tim Southee will be unplayable.  Hence it would be interesting to see whether they would pick Lockie Ferguson one of the fastest bowler in ODI circuit. If he can get some confidence under his belt, he can be real threat for teams.


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 39.86 Avg 29.63 Avg 10.23
R/O 5.96 R/O 5.36 R/O 0.6
Scoring rate 52.05 Scoring rate 44.54 Scoring rate 7.51
Boundary Rate 10.90 Boundary Rate 10.07 Boundary Rate 0.83


West Indies

West Indies are the most in-experienced side in this tournament (Afghanistan excluded). They have 9 players who have played very little ODIs against quality team and five of them are under-25. West Indies like in recent past relies on their batting to win matches, and their batting is only about power-hitting!. Hence we might see some long chasing in this World Cup!.

Perhaps the weakest bowling line-up in this tournament.

Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 46.76 Avg 42.02 Avg 4.74
R/O 6.57 R/O 6.39 R/O 0.18
Scoring rate 54.03 Scoring rate 52.40 Scoring rate 1.63
Boundary Rate 12.14 Boundary Rate 12.40 Boundary Rate -0.26


Sri Lanka

After a shake-up Sri Lankans finally manage to assemble a squad featuring lot of experienced players with few making comebacks!.  They had a nightmare of start to this year, losing 7 consecutive ODIs. This squad has couple of exiting players who can be match winners for them. However it is the experienced players who need to build a platform for them to win matches.



Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 23.69 Avg 53.49 Avg -29.8
R/O 5.38 R/O 6.34 R/O -0.96
Scoring rate 44.95 Scoring rate 55.74 Scoring rate -10.8
Boundary Rate 9.69 Boundary Rate 12.25 Boundary Rate -2.56



On average Bangladesh is the youngest squad – but every player is experienced. Their brand of cricket is very similar to what England are doing, viz score big and fast!. However their bowling is the weakest, hence their excellent fielding skills will come handy.


Batting Stats Bowling Stats Gap Stats
Avg 37.26 Avg 47.14 Avg -9.88
R/O 5.63 R/O 5.71 R/O -0.08
Scoring rate 47.84 Scoring rate 52.24 Scoring rate -4.4
Boundary Rate 10.40 Boundary Rate 9.49 Boundary Rate 0.91

All data updated before start of WC2019. Inclusive of reduced matches.

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