13 Jul / 2019(565)…CWC2019Finals- A contest between Modern cricket v Orthodox cricket

The CWC2019 finals is here!.

Host England meets New Zealand at Lord’s on Sunday July 14, 2019.

This is England’s 4th appearance in the finals. Their appearance in the finals was in 1992.  On the other hand this is New Zealand’s second successive finals. Both have to register a World Cup win.


The contest is between orthodox cricket v/s Modern cricket, with England playing the modern way!!.

My theory is based on stats on how New Zealand have been playing throughout this year – and now in this WC. Some might say, they were lucky to enter the finals.

Generally New Zealand have been playing orthodox cricket -Viz conserve wickets while batting and pick as many wickets in first 20 overs while bowling.

Their bowling in first 20 overs have been the best – picking maximum and having best run-rate!

In terms of batting, New Zealand have been struggling with their opening pair, Martin Guptill in particular. Their captain Kane Williamson had to hold fort till last phase. This helped them to lose less wickets in last 15 overs. In last phase none have lost least wickets than New Zealand.


Statistical Analysis

New Zealand KPI comparison of (WC-2019) v/s Recent(pre WC -2019)

From above table it clearly shows drop in basic indicators.


England’s KPI comparison of (WC-2019) v/s Recent(pre WC -2019)


From above indicators shows how England have improved in certain area, mostly in bowling!.


10-over phases analysis 

Batting (both teams)

Here is a quite an interesting stats table. New Zealand had consistent low run-rate throughout 40 overs and lost less wickets towards the end of their innings.

On the other England had a rollicking start to their innings and continued till the end inspite losing regular wickets at end. Their tail-end batsmen certainly can power-hit the ball!.

Bowling (both teams)

Here is another interesting bowling table. New Zealand like their batting, had consistency low run-rate till 40th over. It never went past 5.00 till 40th over!

England had a better bowling start but lost their way(between 20-40th over) but manage to rein in and bowled exceedingly well at end.

All data updated before finals

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