31 Jul / 2019(577)…The Ashes

The 71st Ashes series has started(1st Aug – 2019), and Australia, the urn holder will be defending them in England. They have not won a series in England since 2001!.

Recent history is seesaw success for teams

Interestingly the last four Ashes have been a seesaw success for teams. The team that hosted Ashes won the urn easily!.

England dominated the Ashes at home. Since 2005 they played 20 Test matches at home winning 10, losing 4 and 6 were drawn.

On the other hand Australia dominated the Ashes at home. Since 2006-07 they played 20 Test matches, winning 17, losing 1 and 2 were drawn!.

Recent result

Australia played their last test match 5 months ago(Feb 2019) at home defeating a weak Sri Lankan team 2-0.

England played their last test match 5 days back at home defeating new comer Ireland.


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