29 Nov / 2014Eulogy to Phillip Hughes


It is an honor to die on the field. God chose few lucky ones. Phillip Hughes is the chosen one, and he died as a hero.

He never gave up on cricket and never had any concerns in batting position or format. He gladly accepted it, as he only wanted to play for his country. His action was genuine as he never gave up trying. Phillip Hughes is blessed.

Right now I cannot imagine the pain his family is going through, but they raised a son we all strive to be. God bless them.

Re: 1st Test match at Gabba: I think they should play as I believe life’s most impressionable lesson are when something bad happens to you, or something challenging confronts you, and this is where you find about yourself. I am sure Phillip would have wanted to play.

Re: Banning bouncers: was watching New Zealand batters flinch while pulling/hooking to any short ball bowled by Pakistani fast bowlers. At this phase it is understandable for batsman to baulk to anything remotely dangerous, however banning only will kindle fear.

Hughes was not partying, driving crazy, getting drunk in a bar, he was doing something that he loved the most, playing cricket!. But we commemorate those who die of smoking, taking drugs, getting drunk, rash driving, and we feel pity for them. Smoking kills, drinking also kills but they are not banned. Why?.

Personally, if I lose hope and would struggle to keep my faith. I only need to remember you.

God bless

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