3 Dec / 2014(277)The Bounce: Pertaining to height while executing a shot.

Here is a look at data related to bounce of the ball in recently concluded ODI series between Australia and South Africa. The bounce is subjective to batsman’s height when executing a shot, and not batting stance. For e.g if the ball is at knee height while playing a sweep shot, than it would be registered in knee column, and not above or below!.

Table 1: – Here is what Australian batsmen received and scored.

bounce Aus bat


Table 2: -Here is what South African batsmen received and scored.

bounce Aus bowl

(The right column is No. of balls faced/runs scored/scoring shots).

Here is the calculation of the above stats. I have used two primary indicators, St.Rate and balls/scoring rate.

St.Rate:- shows what batsman can score in 100balls

Balls per scoring rate shows frequency of runs scored. For e.g In Australia Bat table, <Head and above> stats frequency is 4balls/per scoring shot. For South Africans it is 12balls/scoring shot!.

aust bounce bat analysis


Sa bounce analysis

I manage to collect 94% of 2755 balls bowled by both teams in that series.

All data is updated from 5 ODIs played between Nov (14-23)2014.

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