24 Nov / 2014(276)…How Australia manage 57.14% success rate in Asia, (between Oct 1998-2006)!.

Australia always batted the same way, either at home or away or in sub-continent. Their batting was based on aggression even when they are not scoring runs they had an aggressive mind set. It’s the way they have been trained, however in sub-continent one has to reign in that aggression. The average bounce in Asia is below knee level, and there is hardly any speed off the pitch, therefore batting patiently is the X-FACTOR to score big totals.

Having said, they had an excellent success rate(57.14%) between Oct 1998-April 2006!.

….During this phase their batting average in sub-continent was(36.09) {same period in all countries (42.03)}

Than how did they win so many games(12/21)??.

Well, if you have gap of anything more than 1 point between the Bat Avg and Bowl Avg, than that is considered to be “non-loss factor” – meaning, the team whose batting average is 1 point more than their bowling average, that team has not lost the game…..and Australia between 98-2006 had a 10 pt difference in sub-continent!.

Their bowling average in sub-continent was 26.94 {(same period in all countries (27.15)}

However since 2008 their bowling in sub-continent fell badly(see below table). They conceded 44.82 runs to pick one wicket….although their batsmen were scoring 300 regularly and odd 400..but at same time their bowlers would concede more viz, regular 400 score were posted against Australia in sub-continent.

Since 2008, Asian teams manage to score 11 x400 score against Australia in  15 Tests, which is massive.

Below table clearly reflects how poorly Aussies have been bowling in Asia.

 series stats in asia


Here is a link to meaning of all indicators/formula –

A Guide to Indicator & Formula. Its meaning and explanation.

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