4 Jan / 2016(379)…Batting Construction-(Australia -Frank Worrell Trophy 2015)

 Interesting comparison for Australian batsmen. In West Indies they started steadily but in current series they were off to a fast start to their innings.

The run rate is very high in the first four phases of their innings (0-10,11-20,21-30,31-40). Nevertheless their % 3 Consecutive dot balls were also high, how is it possible?.  

Well the answer to this puzzle is scoring rate(table 2) – the first 10 overs had the highest boundary rate(11.16/100 balls) that enhances run-rate. The overall scoring rate is 22.73/100 balls, and the frequency of scoring shot is one in every 4 balls…enabling more consecutive dot balls!.  

Therefore to observe batting construction, it is vital that we measure scoring rate(boundary rate and lesser scoring shots) with consecutive dot balls across each phase or over by over!.



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