8 Jan / 2016(380)…BBL05- Its anyone’s game.

Am following BBL05, and it is quite interesting that teams that have star value players are performing below par. These teams are having difficulty to be at top of points table and they are from big cities like Melbourne(Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Stars) and  Sydney (Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixer)

Not suggesting they don’t have a chance to make it to last four, but it is their bowling that has let them down in BBL05. Out of these four, Melbourne Stars have better chance of qualifying as their NNR is second best in the points table.

Surprisingly, so far in this tournament, despite having a healthy first batting average score(161) …. none scored century while batting first…..3 that were scored came while chasing challenging target.

 I have changed my analysis presentation (see table below). Instead of conventional primary indicators, I have used raw data of runs scored, wickets lost, and boundaries (fours and sixes exclusively). Making it simpler for us to understand team’s performance.

My criteria is – teams losing less wickets(5 or less) while batting, and picking more wickets(7 or more) while bowling have better chance of winning the tournament!.

On this basis table below has teams performance in all games played at end of 22nd match.

 I have highlighted(red)teams(bat/bowl) that have managed to lose less wickets (less than 5 per game) and pick more wickets(more than 7 per game). E.g Perth Scorchers lost only 23 wickets(3.83per game)while batting, and manage to pick 54 wickets(9 per game)while bowling in 6 matches played.

Then there is 2 segments.

1- 1- measured boundaries into fours and sixes exclusively. Overall % of sixes in this tournament is low at 4.76/100 balls…

2- 2- % of catches taken at deep field

If one has to analyse these two segments, than there is an interesting reading.

For batting

Melbourne teams(Stars and Renegades) have maximum batsmen getting dismissed at deep fielding zone. Their rate of hitting fours is higher but frequency of sixes is low.

Adelaide have the highest boundary hitting rate

fours: 13.64/100 balls

sixes: 7.02/100 balls   

 ……and have less batsmen getting dismissed at deep-field(24.44%)


For Bowling

Perth on avg picks 9 wkts/game, and only 16.67 % of them fell at deep-field!!. 

Hobart Hurricanes has second most wickets tally (40) but, most(47.50%)of these were dismissed at deep-field!.

As players get ready to participate in 5 match ODI series against India, there are 3 teams(Brisbane & both Sydney teams)that have no effect whatsoever from the squad chosen for Australia.

The pinch of having the best playing XI will be felt by Perth Scorchers (No.1 ranked )and Melbourne Stars(No.3 Ranked) who will lose maximum(3) players to Int. duty. Hence one feels that this competition has just opened up for at least four teams to win the title. 




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