2 Jan / 2016(377)…BBL05- Smaller grounds produce least sixes!.


Melbourne is the largest ground in Australia, followed by Brisbane/Gabba in terms of both length and width. Than comes Docklands Stadium which again is situation in Melbourne city. SCG and WACA are the smallest ground in terms of width and length.

A quick analysis

1-    Maximum boundaries(4s & 6s) are hit at Adelaide(18.45/100 balls) closely followed by MCG(18.33/ 100 balls)

2–    Maximum 4s are hit at MCG (14.17/100 balls) followed by Hobart (13.13/100 balls) 

M     Maximum sixes are hit at Gabba(6.29/100 balls) and Adelaide (6.29/ 100 balls).   


        Maximum dismissal at deep fielding zone is at Adelaide (50.00%) , followed by Gabba (42.86%) & Hobart (42.31%) both these grounds are mid range size

5-    Least dismissals at deep fielding zone is at SCG(25.00%) followed by Docklands (26.67%)

All this suggest that bigger grounds won’t produce sixes but they would produce 4s and lot of runs (best batting avg 32.27)with r/o 8.88

Surprisingly the smaller grounds SCG & WACA produced least amount of 6s!.

Here is a list of size of grounds and how teams performed in BBL05.

Stats are updated at end of 15th game.  Sydney Showground size is not available to me. Hence it is left blank. 





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