12 Jun / 2018(523)…2019 World Cup campaign begins -Consistency of consecutiveness is key

The One day matches are back subsequently taking 2 ½ months break!.

It stunned cricketing world when Scotland (13th ranked) beat England (the No.1 ranked team).  A high scoring game at Edinburgh where host Scotland blasted 371in 50 overs after being put in. England fell short by 6 runs with 7 balls remaining.

A sure wake-up call for England who will be hosting the 12th World Cup in 12 months’ time. They are yet to win a World Cup, and now after 40 years they will be hosting …hoping their luck will change at home.


Here is a brief data analysis of Scotland England match.

The below table box has runs scored in each bat position of this match. From it Scotland’s averaged 53 and England 33.18. This was derived by No. of wickets added to No. of unbeaten batsmen. Three Scottish batsman scored =>53 and 5 Englishmen scored =>33.18


Here is a brief data analysis of how the game paned. Both teams scored more than 350 runs, therefore let us look at their run-rate and boundary rate in each phase and how consistent they were.

Interestingly there was very little difference across primary indicators, hence decided to also look into consecutive overs and back 2 back boundaries.

Comparison across consecutive overs and consecutive boundaries

First let us compare scoring shots and its variable.
England’s overall scoring rate was better as they played less overs, nevertheless Scotland had better boundary rate. England’s back to back boundaries were far better in the first 20 overs and there were few overs that had less than 2 scoring shots.
Scotland bowlers had much success whenever there was a bowling change, as they grab 6 wickets in the first over of new spell!.
Second we compare their Eco rate and how consistent they were with (consecutive overs) C 4, C 6, C 10 and 15+ /over
The Eco Rate is an interesting comparison. Both teams were neck to neck in terms R/O, but England lost its way in the last 10 overs of their chase.
The C 4 and L 4 were marginal…but Scotland batsmen had better consistency in C 6- viz regular consecutive overs that went for 6 or more runs.

A brief stats analysis of last series between Australia v England

England won the series 4-1 in Australia in 2018. Here is a comparison across relevant indicators.

England were regular and consistent in C 6 and C 10 across all phases


To conclude this post – here is a look at this year’s consecutive wins for all teams.

Below table is this year’s ranked teams with % win and consecutive wins.


All data updated till  12th June 2018

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