18 Feb / 2019(553)…Milind Kumar – his numbers don’t lie

Few days back as i was sifting through this year’s (2018-19)Indian domestic performance, I found amazing stats!.

Milind Kumar ! 

A middle-order batsman from Sikkim who happened to score the most runs (1331)and centuries(6) in this year’s Ranji Trophy!

To be frank I have never heard of him, or watched or found any footage of his batting. Not suggesting i am an expert, but some footage helps to understand basic fundamental of the game.

The shocking part of his performance has been that being a top run scorer, he was not in any squad that took part in this year’s Duleep & Irani Trophy!.

One can understand the quality of bowling attack at the lowest division in Ranji Trophy, yet one cannot ignore his consistency of scores, with a strike rate 91.66, and boundary rate( 7.06 per balls)he is very difficult to be overlooked!.

What caught my eye in his numbers was his contribution /role-play. He always came into bat when his team was

  • Either trailing by massive first innings score
  • Or losing top order for less than 50 runs – usually 3 for less runs.

and whenever that happened his average time at crease was > 50 overs, putting on 180 odd runs for his team!. 

Below table is his inns wise performance.

Featuring  runs, balls faced, St.Rate, Boundary rate, In score and end score.

Here is his match wise performance of Milind Kumar

Ranji Trophy is divided into 4 groups

Elite A - featuring 9 teams

Elite B – featuring 9 teams

Elite C - featuring 10 teams


Plate Group - featuring 9 teams in which Sikkim ranked 5th at end of the tournament.
Kumar represented Sikkim in the middle-order and scored the most runs(1331) by any batsman in this year's Ranji Trophy!.
Role play Runs - sum of partnerships runs
Role play overs - sum of overs at crease
Below is his match wise performance in chronicle order
v/s (Result)Inns(Bat #)Runs(Balls faced)In Score
(In overs)
End Score
(end overs)
Team scoreRole play(Runs)Overs@crease
Maipur(W)I(5)261(331)3-12(5.5)10-372(111.2)372 all out(111.2 overs)360106.1
II DNB------
Nagaland(W)I(5)224(215)3-25(12.4)9-372(82.2)374 all out(82.5 overs)34770.2
II DNB------
Uttarkand(L)I(5)133(164)3-34(14)6-223(77.3)264 all out(96 overs)18963.3
II(f/o) (5)61(68)3-35(15.1)7-132(44.2)140 all out
(48.5 overs)
Bihar(L)I(5)13(12)3-15(10.4)4-29(13.4)81 all out
(39.4 overs)
II13(12)3-39(16.3)5-55(22.5)108 all out
(43.1 overs)
Pondicharry (L)I(7)96(102)5-40(19.1)7-180(51)247 all out
(72.2 overs)
IIf/0)(6)77 not out(102)4-110(39.2)10-241(75.5)241 all out(75.5 overs)13136.3
Mizoram (W)I(5)139(136)3-88(32.3)7-308(80.3)332 all out(89.5 overs)22048
II(6)0(3)4-88(28.2)5-88(28.5)170 all out(49.1 overs)00.3
Meghalaya(D)I(5)117(129)3-26(14.1)7-192(52.3)219 all out(63 overs)16638.2
II127 not out(121)3-141(70)4-304(108)304/4 (108 overs) 16338
Arunachal Pradesh(W)I(5)51(44)3-68(28.3)5-133(43.4)262 all out(95.3 overs)6515.1

To conclude, I am not sure how good he bats, but you hardly see such numbers, which cannot be ignored!.

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