19 Feb / 2019(555)…Huge value of overstepping for batting teams!.

The advantage of a no-ball is a huge value for batting team, (not for bowling team). This year(2019) in 28 ODIs there were 26 no-balls bowled.

The value of those can be summed by adding runs scored off free-hit, runs scored off the no-ball, and 1 run for the no ball.


26 No balls = 26 runs

Runs scored of the no ball = 30 runs ( featuring 2 fours & 2 sixes)

Runs from Free hits = 75 (featuring 3 fours &  9 sixes )

Total =131 Runs (featuring 5 fours & 11 sixes)

Hence I think it is high time ICC should ask the 3rd Umpire to keep an eye on every potential no-ball, viz alert on-field umpire immediately if bowlers have over stepped. At the moment the on-field umpires only use TV replay when a wicket has fallen. There are certain bowlers who are perpetually pushing the front line.

All data is updated at end of 1st ODI in Aus in Ind and SL in SA one day series(including Afghanistan v Ireland series played in India).




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