7 Jun / 2018(522)…ODI – Quality spin weakens Australia’s(bat & bowl)performance

This is the concluding post of Australia’s bowling analysis in ODI (2016 onwards) . In here I have compared Australia’s bowlers with their opponent bowlers in each phase of a match.

Since Sept 2016, Australia played 29 ODIs. Hence I have used 10 overs/phase as minimum criteria for this analysis for all bowlers.

In this  period Australia played against South Africa(away),New Zealand(home & away), Pakistan(home)England(home), India(away) and they played NZ, Bangladesh and England in  2017 Champions Trophy 2017.

Comparison of bowlers

Below left tables features Australian bowlers and across them is their opponents.
Apart from raw data(Overs,Runs, Wkts) have only used three indicators for comparison. The run-rate, C 4 and C 6.
In this 1st power play phase Hazlewood was the most impressive bowler.

Interestingly Starc has been very expensive with new ball!.
Trent Boult has been the most impres

4.50/ over with highest % C 4!.
This phase(2nd) Australia over relied on spinners.

Surprisingly Hazelwood only bowled 7 overs in this phase, hence not included.

Starc bowled well,
but Cummins failed to impress
This was the phase where teams used spinners

to apply the breaks on run-rate.

The pick of them were

Tahir, Hafeez, Moeen, Rashid & Santner
Pace dominated this phase for Australia!.

Spinners balloon their rate!.
Spinners bowled the most in this phase

However Australia were able to control their rate.
Pace continued to dominate this phase for Australia

However the part-timer bowled expensive overs.
Some how Australians

could not entirely dominate spin.

Losing regular wtks to them

Pace continued to dominate but conceding expensive overs!.

Hazlewood the pick of the bowler

But both Starc and Cummins very expensive
Interestingly there were 86 bowling changes

(the most)in this phase against Australia

Hence only 3 bowled >10 overs.


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