21 Jun / 2018(524)…Aus v Eng(ODI)2018 -A newage cricket

The England v Australia is 3 games up and score line is host winning all three(featuring world record total of 481).

The same was the case when England visited Australia. The scoreline after 3 games was same, viz England winning all three!.

Hence i thought why not look at indicators that is key factor for England. These indicators have defined how good England have been in both series.

England manage to score big in the power play. In Australia they scored 32 (30 x 4 + 2 x 6s) boundaries in power play, and 37 (34 x 4 + 3 x6s)at home.

In the ongoing series there are two crucial aspect of their batting. 

  • scoring big runs (15 +), and scoring those in consecutive overs 

In Australia -in 5 games England managed only one big scoring over of 15+ runs, whereas in the ongoing series, so far they had 12 overs scoring 15+ runs!!.  Australia had only 2 at home, and two in England.

  • hitting 2 consecutive boundaries = 3 back to back boundaries       

At the end of 3 games in Australia, England hit 89 boundaries – of which 10 were 2 consecutive ones = viz 30 boundaries of (4s and 6s). At home after 3 games England have hit 136 boundaries, and of which 21 were 2 consecutive ones = 63 boundaries of (4s and 6s)

Australia on the other hand at home hit 79 boundaries of which 5 were 2 consecutive ones =viz 15 boundaries of(4s and 6s).  In England it almost remained the same for Australia, scoring 75 boundaries, and of which 5 were 2 consecutive ones=15 boundaries of(4s and 6s).

Parallel pattern

Here are the similarities of two series.
For Australia the run rate is same after 3 games in both series – 5.73
Boundary rate is quite similar @ 9.53 and 8.77
England on the other hand have improved their performance across all indicators. They are the key for their success.
England performance after 3 games - in EnglandEngland performance after 3 games - in Australia
Australia's performance after 3 games in EnglandAustralia's performance after 3 games in Australia

All data are updated at end of 3rd ODI @ Trent Bridge, England.

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