30 Mar / 2016(403)…WCT20-Pace v Spin in phases


Comparison in phases

A look at how they performed in each phase of an innings.

All data is sum of both innings and updated before the first semi-finals.
In the first phase(0-6 overs) spinners picked 23(35.40%)of 65 wickets that fell. The fast bowlers conceded more than spinner in powerplay. And the left arm fast bowlers have done exceedingly well.
In the second phase (7-10 overs) they dominated picking 39 (82.97%)of 47 wickets that fell. With leg-spinners picking 16 of them(34.50%).Here fast bowlers had less success but conceded less runs compared to powerplay.
Once again they dominated the third phase (11-15 overs)where they picked 32 (59.25%) of 54 wickets that fell. Again leg spinners had the maximum wickets. This is a period where run scoring becomes much easier, and once again left armer conceded less runs.
In the last phase (16-20 overs) they picked less wickets.
Generally this phase is where fast bowlers get maximum opportunity to bowl. Hence spinners bowl less. So far they only bowled (250 balls)5.17% of total balls(1109) bowled in this phase, yet picking 22 (22.90% )of total wickets(96) that fell.
The last 5 over of an innings is when runs will come anyway, therefore it is how less one can conceded is vital. There is an increase in successive boundaries for all type of bowling!.


All data taken from Super 10 games and updated before the start of first semi-finals.

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