31 Mar / 2016(403)…Performance under Pressure.

As the WCT20 comes to end, 33 games (including qualifying games) were played in India. Out of which 11 times teams manage to score past 170 while batting first(Avg score 152), suggesting it was not a high scoring tournament. Nevertheless it was an absorbing event as we witness too many upsets starting from qualifying games!.

 Here is a list of upsets that occurred in this T20 World Cup.

Qualifying Rounds

  • Oman defeating Ireland
  • Afghanistan defeating Zim to qualify in Super 10.


Super 10

  • NZ defeating India by defending 127
  • NZ defeating Australia by defending 143.
  • Eng chasing huge target (230) to beat SA.
  • India defending 1 run of last ball to beat Bangladesh
  • West Indies beat SA when chasing low score in the very last over
  • Afghanistan beating West Indies defending 124!.
  • India beating Australia in virtual quarter-finals.
  • NZ who won all their games, lost their first in the semi-finals to England
  • West Indies chasing 193 to to beat India in 2nd semi-finals


Shockingly South Africa, Australia, and title holders Sri Lanka didn’t qualify in the semis. The World Cup is played in sub-continent, where pitches are spinner friendly, hence it was a surprising to see only one Asian team(India)to qualify in the semi-finals!.

Now West Indies will take on England in the finals on Sunday, April 3, 2016. Both teams had ups and downs in this tournament as one time they did not have a chance to qualify in the semis, let alone be in the finals.

England won 4 out of 5 games – thrice they batted first and won twice, and won 2 out of 2 while chasing.

West Indies also won 4 out of 5 games, and they are yet to bat first in this tournament!.


Batting performance under pressure.

Since chasing seems to be their X- Factor for both these teams. Let us look at their batsmen’s performance under pressure.
Irrespective of targets, and what teams manage to score while batting first…I guess asking rate of >10 qualifies as pressure situation in all phases of 20-over game.
(The below data is based on sum of runs scored by batsmen whenever the asking rate was 10 or above in all phases while chasing).
England: Data below is taken from 2 games in which they batted second. Joe Root has been the key batsman for England. He has not lost his wicket when the run-rate went above 10!.
West Indies: Data below is taken from 5 games in which they batted second. Since they always chased West Indies have few batters who have done extremely in pressure situation.


All data updated till the end semi-finals.


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