29 Mar / 2016(403)…In WCT20 a leg spinner has become a silent assassin

Spinners have picked 116 (44.30%) of total wickets(262) that fell in Super 10 games. Considering these points(see below) it’s a large contribution from them.


  • Ratio of fast bowlers is always more than spinners in playing XI, irrespective of condition or opponent. They are the ones who are equipped to use the new ball. Hence a team will use atleast 4 fast bowlers + 2 or 3 spinners(including part-timer)
  • Considering it is a limited over games, therefore spinners bowl less overs compare to fast bowlers.  

    A leg-spinner is a silent assassin. Picking the most wickets and denting the run-rate

    They have made the most impact. Picking 47 wickets in Super 10 games, the most by any type considering above two points.

    Below table is list of all type of bowlers and their performance.
    I have added three new indices in them.
    Interestingly in this tournament (WCT20) more spinners (38) are used than any previous tournaments. Against 38 spinners 49 pace bowlers were used. The bracket figure in below table indicates No. of type of bowlers used in Super 10 of WCT20.
    From findings(above table) it is very clear that spinners dent the run-rate severely. They conceded less boundaries and concede less runs/overs, and have % 2- consecutive balls(3 in a row).Along with this their L 5 (less than 5 runs/over) is the most (40% or more), and they concede least boundaries. Hence they have an impressive primary indicators(Avg, Strike Rate and run-rate).
    Fast bowlers(above table) have done commendable job considering few pitches were easy to bat on. It is the left-arm bowlers who have been more effective than right arm. This WCT20 we have them in plenty (17 left arm fast bowlers used ) as they constitutes 19.54% of total bowlers used in Super 10.
    Here is a list of type of bowling.
    list of bowling type

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