22 Feb / 2014(217)…A device to playback the ball release immediately



How difficult is to align the release of a ball ?

Speed, spin, trajectory, and color (brightness)all these are key factors to align the release.

Science says one of our eye is dominant than the other – here is a link  http://allthatcricket.com/?p=2827

And here is something AB de Villiers uses to align himself to the release of a ball. His helmet visor has been taped!.

This is an excellent theory for a batsman, as it works as a recording device to playback(visualize) after every ball played or missed. One can immediately repeat the visualization of previous balls faced, to understand one’s action.

After trying this out for some time, i am wondering..

a) how it would help horizontal bat shots?.

b) to balls that is very short in length or very wide?

We can find out how he plays various line and length of variant speed, light, spin.   


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