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Newton ’s second law is arguably the most important law of motion. Law of Momentum or law of Acceleration. Human movement occurs over time.  Large changes in speed or direction of a person means large force must have been applied. Increasing force or decreasing mass are both important in creating acceleration and movement.

How to control or gain momentum ?.

My thoughts here….

Every time you fail, repeat that act immediately with more intensity, and, or, slightly varied method, until you get some balance. Balance allows you to control some position, which works as a support. This gives you some confidence when you are repeating your act. A failed act is related to how forces are acting over time. Water is a right example to understand momentum. There is flow(invisible) even when water its still. A change in force over period of time will reflect its movement.  This is visible when you are at sea, where variable flow can be witnessed (shore to sea) easily.  The center of sea is always calm because there is balance, but at shores there is lack of balance because flow of water is inconsistent.

Movement comes from a certain imbalance in the forces. One moves in the direction of the stronger force, while the weaker force acts as restraint on extreme movement. Stronger force is directional, singular. Weaker force is diffuse, difficult to pin down therefore great at creating confusion and stasis (opposite of dynamics). Either can be harnessed by the other. In the constant ebb and flow of forces an average or a balanced movement is created.

It’s interesting to observe how a chariot with more than 2 horses work.

I was under this impression that variable horses are selected for each position, but I was wrong.

They all need to have similar stamina, endurance and speed. Neverthless horses are trained to be a leader and wheeler to drag a vehicle (chariot, cart etc).The leader will be in front(if  chariot has 2 horses are placed vertically) or at the sides(if chariot has more than 2 horses placed horizontally). The leader will determine the speed & momentum. 

In team sports its not necessary that a leader would be at beginning,  but he will have his players who would be responsible for team’s start, speed momentum, and create opportunity. Selection is based on covering all aspects of the game, under various condition and match situation. It’s never easy to get a right combination for a game, hence players need to have the technique to adapt in random situation give to them.

And Cricket is one of rare games that is played with contrasting (opposing) skills (batting/bowling) for longer period of time. Hence very difficult to maintain balance and momentum. Players need to display their learned skill almost every time, and cricket being a long game with many pauses/stoppage, it’s never easy to maintain this technique. Here I think contrasting elements can create balance and give a dynamic effect to teams.

Currently Test matches require aggression from its players.

a)    batsmen need to look for runs constantly,

b)   and bowlers need to create opportunities.


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