23 Mar / 2014(218)…T20WC2014.

A brief look at how spinners have performed in T20I

Table 1 –

Here is table of spin v/s pace in history of T20I – Stats in this table is before the current World Cup.


All Pace Spin
AVG 24.32 13.99
R/O 7.67 6.84
B/W 19.01 12.25


Table 2

At end of 15th game in the current T20 World Cup, a look at spinners performance. The table includes games played between associates teams.

WCT20 Pace Spin
AVG 22.60 22.56
R/O 7.96 6.77
B/W 17 20.01

Table 3

And here is spinners stats in last 3 games of this current World Cup. These games are played by major teams.

WCT20 Pace Spin
AVG 25.4 32.25
R/O 8.68 6.79
B/W 17.6 28.50


At end of 20 game (March 25,2014) here is how things have progressed in terms of “spin impact”. This is how they performed.

All Pace Spin
AVG 20.90 22.21
R/O 8.10 7.05
B/W 15.50 18.90

The Avg runs for batting first:

If we add up associate games than its very less…139, nevertheless in last 7 games its about 146, which is good sign for batsmen to score plenty.

Infact teams have manage to post “big-over-runs” (>10 runs/over), as the average per game is about 10!. 

The start has been sedate. Its about 37 (1st bat) against 43(2nd bat), and the last 5 overs (1st bat) has been good, yielding 48 runs on avg. So far the spinners have successfully exerted a ploy to contain runs in PP, therefore, we might see cautious batting at beginning (West Indies strategy)of their innings with one of the openers playing an anchor role. If this happens than lot of runs could be scored in last 5 overs.

Another 12 games to be played before the semis, there might be possibility that we would see maximum amount of runs scored in a T20 match?.  






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