5 Feb / 2013(121)..Runs win you matches, not wickets!.

Few years back I had come up with a theory that

1-   Wickets win you Test matches!.

2-   Runs win you LOI games!.

 But I was wrong – a confession on how incorrect I was in my thinking, and I wonder what made me take that path….(bragging vigorously about “Test matches” being bowler’s game, and teams need to pick 20 wickets)

.because to win a cricket match(any format, including where D/L method is applied) runs are key to win, and not wickets.. It’s the runs that matters, and not wickets –

………….. perhaps I should have thought of  “need to pick 20-wickets as fast as possible”,  pertaining to time factor, or else there would be no result. Game drawn relevance to  …

1-   Bowling side unable to bundle out opponents.

2-   Batting side unable to chase and falling short of  given target  

There is no way a team can lose if they have scored more runs in a match (sum of 2 inns in a Test match) in any format.

Runs are the winning factor, which is more important than wickets taken.

I have tried various combinations and not found otherwise theory… and one day found a very simple theory to explain!.

The team which has more runs in both innings (add 2inns) goes to win. Below is a table of my analysis. Team B scored 1 extra run and won this match. The wicket column is useless, its displayed as showpiece, one can add or reduce  them, but it has no value or bearing in terms of winning a game.  

Table A : to find out the result(win or loss) have added one run to Team B – or one can reduce it allowing Team A to win!.

Test Runs Wkts
Team A -1st Inn 100 10
Team B -1st Inns 101 10
Team A -2nd inns 100 10
Team B – 2nd inns 100 10


Table 2 : To find out result in shorter format i have made team A score 101 run, that enables to win the match. If we keep it equally same then it would be a tie match.  

ODI Runs Wkts Overs
Team A 101 10 50
Team B 100 10 50


However if we take same above table and alter the wickets column, the result won’t change, it would remain same!.




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