5 Feb / 2013(122)…India Battling in middle ….should Sachin be dropped or demoted! -Part I

Let us see how India have performed in last 3 Test series. Here is a graphical view India’s Batting and Bowling.  

 Batting performance : In 9 Test matches only 3times they manage to post big score (>400) in any innnings(1st /2nd ), and same time 11 times they were bundled out inside 250 score! .


In this 3 series period they had Gambhir, Sehwag, Pujara Sachin, Dhoni , Yuvraj, Kohli & Raina( and Laxman, Dravid retired)  taking responsibility of their batting, with Jadeja used as an bowling all-rounder. Collectively these batsman were able to score only 8 centuries.

On the other hand Indian bowlers did a decent job, inspite of few injuries to their strike bowlers.

In India bulk of the bowling was done by their spinners, and overall in 3 series(9 Tests) with less penetrative but accurate bowling, all  of them (pace and spin) bowled well, and few times restricted teams for low scores (gfx 1).  

  Hence one wonders whether they should shuffle their batting order, or ask Sachin Tendulkar, to retire?. For an ardent fan its not a appropriate topic to discuss.

Nevertheless few months back, I read this very interesting article by Martin Crowe on Tendulkar.http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/current/story/581165.html 

  and I do agree most of the points Martin mentioned in this article. And would like to add few of my thoughts here and some disagreement.     

1-  *M Crowe talks about his spectacles and how his eyesight has improved as he got older…but this theory might not apply to Sachin, because like Martin, Sachin hardly reads (comparatively). If time permits he would be spending his precious time with loved ones, at same time am not suggesting that he hardly reads!. Int cricket has become very hectic, as most times goes traveling and playing…where does one find time to read?.

2-   *Due to age factor, his reflexes are getting slow, but I doubt whether his vision is blurry.

3-   *It might be : Due to unclear ‘background vision ” of a bowler’s hand, as he is unable to see “ball release” early. Therefore many a times, he is distracted by people moving behind bowler’s arm, which always happens in sub continent venues.

4-   *In sub-continent, there are unclear skies, and adding to this, the ball gets worn out very fast.

5-   *Lower trajectory can be another reason for Sachin’s inability to see  the ball early, and adding to his slow reflex, many a times he is caught glued to the crease.

*And, lately bowlers are bowling from 23 to 24 yards(instead of stepping on line and beyond) which gives a lower trajectory to ‘ball-release ”. A quick look at of no-balls bowled in last few years suggests a decline. The average No. of no-balls/Inns has gone down consistently. In 2011 it was 4.38/inn, then in 2012 it dropped to  4.01/inn, and so far this year (2013) it is 1.37/inn…(yet to witness a Test match in sub-continent).  


 Here is a look at India’s Batting performance (from top to bottom) 

GFX 2 : TOP 4 Batsmen 

























GFX 3 : Middle and lower order 





 GFX 4 : Tail- end Batsmen





 Here is a comparison of Batting and Bowling Primary Indicators





 Here is how India’s Partnerships were build.


Batting Partnerships
Wkt v/s Aus v/s NZ v/s ENG
I 15.60 43.67 51.30
II 38.60 18.70 39.90
III 42.50 52.30 14.70
IV 18.60 48.00 22.30
V 34.80 39.00 72.70
VI 25.60 115.00 21.50
VII 17.40 17.50 45.50
VIII 11.60 5.50 15.30
IX 14.60 8.00 11.30
X 11.50 20.50 24.20


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