9 Nov / 2022T20WC2022 –Statistical analysis(Batsmen)

In this post we look at top player’s KPI in Super 12 in the ongoing World Cup


Batting Indicators


Batting Average v Runs per Innings

(min qualification 100 runs)

Below table reflects huge margin of difference between these two indices. If we have to look at how many runs batsmen scores per inning then I believe Runs/Inns reflects better accuracy, as it includes “not out” as well. However “Average” indicator can be used to look at overall team’s performance.  (see gfx table at bottom of this page)



Strike Rate v Scoring Rate

 (min qualification 50 scoring shots)

Both Kohli/S Yadav have excellent scoring rate. A scoring rate derived from scoring shots/ balls faced. Virat  Kohli has effectively produced the maximum scoring shots facing 177 balls. A strike Rate is just a “show piece” to inflate one’s batting performance. The actual data is how many scoring shots are you able to score, and are you producing them regularly.

I have thrown in percentage of “2-Consecutive scoring shots” here. It suggests 3 successive scoring shots of 3 balls faced. In this category Kohli, Yadav, Stoinis, Conway and Rossouw have highest consecutive SS.


Various scoring shots 


Value of a player as a batsman!

These indicators represents consistency, contribution, role-play and frequency


25s –scores of > 25runs

C 25s- back to back scores of > 25 runs  

10% factor – 25 runs along with partnerships that involves 2+overs and 20+ runs

5 % factor – partnerships that involves 2+overs and 20+ runs(specifically for lower order player)

Role-play  - link http://allthatcricket.com/253-b-role-play-utility/




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