10 Nov / 2022(723)…T20I WC -2022 : Statistical analysis(Bowling)

In below gfx we look at various indicators that reflects bowling performance.

First up we look at how effective bowlers were, and for that we look at raw data in table 1.

Apart from tally of wickets, we look at Perfect bowling figure.   and  how consistent they were in each match. We also look at no.of spells bowled, and wicket taken in first over of spell!.

The coloured row represents bowlers representing their teams in SF, and with this I have added 4wkt/5wkt-haul




Effective Bowling




Bowling Average & Low Eco Rate x Low Strike Rate

(RPO x B/W)

As we can see in below list bowlers currently participating are at the top of the list.







Scoring rate

In below table we can see bowlers from Pakistan/India have bowled more overs than other teams, hence they have conceded more scoring shots.


Eco Rate


In below table we have India/Pakistan in top of list in terms of eco rate.







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