27 Jul / 2023Major League Cricket(2023) A statistical analysis

A brief stats of all teams before play-off. Unlike other franchise tournaments this is a short series with 6 teams playing 5 matches before the play-off.

The two teams that missed out on play-off are San Francisco Unicorns and Los Angeles Knight Riders.

So far one team has been doing good without getting noticed, i.e Washington Freedom. They  are the only team that has not scored big (170+) when batting first, and neither they have restricted teams for < 160 when bowling first!.

Their batting has not been eye catching but have lost the least of wickets in this series so far!  Their boundary rate is not high, nor their big overs…but at 17.80% of their scoring shots were consecutive – which is the best!.

Their bowling has been economical, but not threatening – Their run rate of  7.79 is the best for any team, along with C 5 (16.75 %) and L 5 (39.79%)

Seattle Orcs has most runs (1030), far ahead from second best 840 from MI New York. They also picked up most wickets (48)

Los Angeles Knight Riders have perfomed the worst in this tournament – They are bottom of table both in batting and bowling. They manage to put on 512 runs in 5 matches and pick only 24 wickets 










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