13 Jun / 2014(238)…Bowling engine: Can solve all problems


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Bowling Engine: Everything happens here, all types of bowling happens here!.  The transfer from running to bowling and start of follow-through!.

For a player “the bowling engine”is the popping crease, it can be behind the umpire or right ahead – where he loads and unloads himself. The run-up is to give rhythm but changes drastically(more like U-TURN word) when he reaches the crease. From front on, he goes side on in one continuous motion without pause, some slow down –

Here is note (and gfx)sequence of delivery(taken from <Art of Fast Bowling> –Dennis Keith Lillee, former Australian fast bowler). I have added and clubbed few together.


Here in how a bowler delivers when he reaches the crease(above GFX).

1-     Non-bowling arm begins to extend/Rear foot is planted on the ground

2-     Bowling arm vertical with hand pointing downwards.

3-     Non-bowling arm horizontal in front of the body.

4-     Bowling arm horizontal behind the body/front foot planted.

5-     Non-bowling arm vertical with hand pointing downwards

6-     Rear foot lifted from ground/front foot pivots slightly

7-     Bowling arm vertical with hand pointing upwards

8-     Release of the ball

9-     Rear foot lifted from ground. 


In above video i have shot myself bowling with both arms (air bowling) simultaneously in one action, which suggests that run-up, follow-through are not paramount, they are secondary, as one can do away with it!. (soon will shoot on actual pitch with some degree of accuracy).

  This theory applies to all kind of bowlers, and all problems related to makeup of bowling can be resolved in this zone, where the engine starts and finishes in one action!. 

GFX & Note : Courtesy from <Art of Fast bowling> by Dennis Keith Lillee.

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