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Most of the pitches in Mumbai have a mount. Hence fast bowlers should train, keeping in mind the pitches they would get to play on.

These mounts vary as per its Club’s policy.  On these mounts, water slopes faster and hence the pitches remain fresh. There is less or no dampness on them.

The grounds of Shivaji Park & Azad Maidan have no or negligible mount. And they still water these pitches!. Bowlers usually bowl better at a normal level, than running up these mounts. It’s seen that fast bowlers give their best at the nets on pitches without mounts. But when they have to run up the mount, they are not very confident.

Few teams train on the pitches with mounts, which are found at Cross Maidan, Oval Maidan and almost all gymkhanas in the city.

Which means that players perform better in games when they train on surfaces of the same level.

Few more pictures of Cross Maidan wickets DSC01409 1DSC01414

Video of Bombay Gymkhana 

[local /wp-content/uploads/2014/06/bombay-gymkhan.flv]



The Azad Maidan : Here there are no mounts!. ground-3azad

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