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Bowling Average : Total Run (conceded) divided by Total Wickets taken by a Bowler in an Inning.

A Bowling Average determines how much a bowler concedes in an inning, or a match, or a series, and so on, giving us a fair indication of how costly or cheap he is while picking wickets.

In a bowling figure,  scoring shots and errors balls (No balls and wides balls) are included in his Total Runs conceded.

Team’s Bowling Average can also be measured in a similar way, and it is always divisible by 10 wickets (not 11 wickets) in case of all out.


Glen McGrath (Australia in Pakistan, 3- Test series, 1998)

Inns :  4

Overs: 120.5 (725balls)

Runs: 344

Wickets :  12


Formula :

Bowling Average : 344 / 12 = 28.67


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