23 Oct / 2020(627)…Perfect Bowling Figure(PBF)


Like Batting indicator I have created a simpler bowling indicator during the same time(post WC2019). Its called  Perfect Bowling Figure. It has been tested thoroughly in this year’s CPL.

I believe given the data at hand, its much easier to measure bowler’s performance in an match, and there are more KPIs for a bowler than for a batsman!.

A bowler with most wickets in an innings is considered to be the “best bowling figure”. However is it a perfect bowling figure ?.

To determine that i formulated a simpler method

This PBF is exclusive for limited overs cricket only. For test match cricket there would be more changes as the game is played in 3 sessions for 5 days!.

Now in a limited overs cricket a bowler is given a quota of overs, 10 overs in a 50-over match, and 4 overs in 20-over match.

Here is how PBF is formulated in a match

  • a bowler needs to bowl most of his allotted overs, 3 or more in 20-over match, & 7 or more in 50-over match.
  • His RPO should be below standard RPO going on. Currently less than 5 RPO  in 20-overs match, and less than 4 in 50-over match.
  • He should be able to take at least one wicket in a 20-over match and 2 or more in 50-overs match


If a bowler is able to fulfill these three aspect of his bowling than he gets 1 PBF point per innings.

At end of 40 IPL matches 18 bowlers received 43 PBF points!.

Below is explanation of this analysis from match No. 40 between RR v SRH

Sadly Jofra Archer’s RPO was more than 5 @5.25 hence he didnt get PBF point.


Here is a brief list of 18 bowlers who received PBF points.

In above table the most fascinating part is, these bowlers need to find consistency in this tournament, and they can do that if their RPO is less. Someone like Mohd Shami  who had  3 PBF yet concedes 8.43 RPO so far. Or someone like Ravi Ashwin who RPO is excellent but needs to pick more wickets, though his team mate Axar Patel is in terrific form for DC.

For RCB W Sundar like R Ashwin needs to pick regular wickets, and now they have Chris Morris as their strike bowler, spinners can afford to “buy wickets”.

For KKR Cummins has been a disappointment, as a strike bowler you need to pick more than 2 wickets in 10 matches!.


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