3 Feb / 2019(550)…Variable results in Cricket

Earth is witnessing climate changes-https://www.newscientist.com/article/2192369-so-far-2019-has-set-35-records-for-heat-and-2-for-cold/?


Similarly Cricket(all format) is witnessing constant fluctuations in results.

In last 40 days(Jan 2019) we have seen India winning a test series in Australia for the very first time,http://allthatcricket.com/547-india-has-learned-to-win-outside-asia/


then whipping NZ in first 3ODI games to win series, then losing appallingly in the 4th ODI, bundled out for 92, lowest score (1st bat )since 8th Jan 1981. This was only the 3rd time India were dismissed inside 100 runs while batting first.

Then history was made in West Indies when they defeated England in consecutive test matches to win the series!. This was West Indies big home success and first win against a major team since 2012 (v/s NZ, 2-0). This also happened to be their first ever home series win against any team since 2014(v/s Bangladesh, 2-0).

The current score-line is 2-0 and still one test to play. Interestingly England have not won a series in West Indies since 2003-04. Since then this is their third visit to Caribbean. The last series was levelled at 1-1 in 2015, and before that West Indies won 1-0 in 2009.


Then down under in South Africa, Pakistan were white washed 0-3 in test series. Then in ODIs South Africa slacked and had to fight hard to win the series in the final deciding match (3-2)!.


All data updated at end of Aus SL Test series-2019


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