1 Feb / 2019(551)…Cricket’s fourth format(D/N Test)-Part II

To continue and conclude the fourth format of cricket, here is a statistical analysis of each session of day night matches.

Experts rightly feel that pink ball moves a lot under lights. There is lot of swing and seam movement in the evening, and at times ball wobbles around. This kind of movement is difficult for batsman to pay. Hence we take a look at session wise performance. The usual time of day night test starts around 2 pm and gets over by 9 pm. I don’t have any data of swing, seam movement, neither batsmen’s play and misses – but naked eyes it is easy observe swing/seam movement under lights.

However fascinating it might sound, last session of a day had less impact from bowling perspective – it was the first session of the day when bowling was most effective!.

For this I have data in below table.

A data compilation of 3 sessions of from all 11 test matches, 5 played in Australia and 6 in non-Australian countries(Eng, UAE, West Indies, New Zealand & South Africa)played under lights.

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