15 Nov / 2018(539)…Women’s T20 World Cup(2018)

So far  Women’s T20 World Cup -2018 has been a low scoring tournament. I believe swing/seam being the major factor for this.

Hence all is not lost for teams like South Africa and New Zealand who still have two games left and are at 3rd position in their group.

A low scoring match always puts pressure on fielding, and every fielding error will give huge confident to batsmen, hence teams that field well under pressure will succeed.  

In last 4 games we saw teams defending a fairly average score (Match No. 12, 11,10, and 9) and interestingly the margin of victory for these teams was above 25 runs!.

 Pakistan defended 140 – winning by 38 runs

Australia defended 154 – winning by 33 runs

Sri Lanka defended 97 – winning by 25 runs 

West Indies defended 108 – winning by 31 runs

There are 10 more matches left before semi-finals, and weather and pitch condition will play crucial part if teams struggle to post big score.

All analysis is updated at end of 12th game.


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