5 Nov / 2018(538)…Season of Reckoning – The Fall

After the defeat at hands of South Africa in 1st ODI in their ongoing 3-match series, I look at Australia post World Cup(2015)performance.

They have played 64 ODIs in 16 series (including bilateral and ongoing series v SA) won only 27 matches(42.18%), compare to 59.59% between last two World Cups(start of WC 2011-to end of WC2015). Their last series win was against Pakistan at home in 2017.

Since then they lost

  •  in NZ,
  • in Champions Trophy in UK,
  • in India,
  • and then home and away against England.

Overall Australia have lost their last 5 series. Currently they are 0-1 in 3-match series against SA at home.


Below is post World Cup(2015)analysis 

The Fall 


Their fall started with their bowling, losing momentum, conceding boundaries (first and last phase)….now their descent is creeping into their batting. They were dismissed for 152 in 1st ODI v South Africa in Perth. It was first time in more than 3 years that they were dismissed inside 200 runs while batting first. Last time it was 2015 World Cup, their 2nd game against New Zealand in Auckland where they were dismissed for 151 runs!.

Hence stone by stone Australia needs to build their descent.


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