28 Sep / 2018(529)…Asia Cup 2018(13th Edition). The last hurdle!.

As we reach the finals of Asia Cup it is very surprising that teams so far have not touched the score of 300 runs. Before this game there were 24 times this feat was achieved while batting first, viz 23.30%.

At the end of 12 games there is not a single score of > 300 by any team in this ongoing Asia Cup2018. If the finals does not have a score of 300, than it would be a rare feat for a tournament that is played with 2 or more teams!. 

 A tri-series played back in 2010 – between India, New Zealand and host Sri Lanka went (7 ODIs) without a single 300 score. The finals had the highest score of 299 by Sri Lanka, and India lost that finals by 74 runs.

One of major reason being – While batting first teams are not able to finish well in last 10-overs of their innings.  Inspite having scored well in the first 40 overs, the last 10 seems to be their problem.  

Below graphic is list of games played in this tournament – where a comparison can be made at end of 40th over and their end score. 

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