30 Sep / 2018(530)…Has Asia Cup 2018 outlined WC 2019 ?.

Asia Cup 2018 got over and one wonders from team’s performance whether NEXT year we would see a low scoring World Cup ?.

I think it can go either way as the format of forthcoming WC is based on every team playing against each other once, leading top 4 teams playing  semi-finals.

The Asia Cup didn’t have a single score of 300, a rare feat considering the trend one day cricket is devouring for last few years!.

India didn’t lose a single game and they won the finals in a last ball thriller!

And Bangladesh after dodgy start to their tournament reached the finals… where they stretched the Indians to play their best game!.

Here is a brief analysis of Asia Cup.

I am looking at indicators when teams win and compare them with all matches.

Here is analysis Win factor v all games.

On surface it is very apparent that when teams are winning, there is marginal difference across all indicators, yet only 3 close matches in the tournament!.

Hence it is paramount to find the purest indicators that can help us predict matches.

To find them one has to analyse match by match, and observe whether those key indicators remains constant in every win or loss.

In every win only few indicators were inconsistent ….but those remained constant (purest) were

C 4, CM, C 6, C 10- L 4, MDN , L 4 , 6+ , 10+!.

To conclude this post. I was surprised by Sri Lanka’s poor performance. They were the title holders of Asia Cup, winning against Pakistan in 2014!. 

There was another surprise –http:// http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24800085/angelo-mathews-poor-running-focus-axe-odi-squad

It is truly shocking that Mathews was dropped for being a slow runner – However stats says something else, viz – July 2015 was the last time he was run out in Int.cricket(a ODI match)!.

Interestingly the last time he was run out in Test cricket was in 3rd Jan  2013 and in T20I it was 12th Feb 2014. 

This skill of running between wickets can be easily rectified by coaches/staff. In recent past Sri Lankans had many new comers to their side. It never easy for any batsman to bat with new partner in any format. Hence training together really matters if one has to reduce run-outs. 

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