6 Jun / 2018(522)…Aus ODI Bowling – Inconsistent in C 4, but constant rise in C 6

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Since Australia’s ODI tour in SA they conceded 5.78  R/o in 29 games.

Hence let us look how consistent they were with C 4 (consecutive overs that went for 4 or less runs), and compare it with C 6 (consecutive overs that went for 6 or more runs).


Australia's Bowling Rate

Interestingly there is drop in C 4 and constant rise in C 6. Let us look at series-wise table of the above 2 indicators.
Below analysis displays phase wise performance and first 2 balls and last 2 balls of an over.
The C 6 "trigger-rise" happened in South Africa in 2016, and then it continued regularly reaching 23% in their last series.
On the other hand C 4 has been dropping and now hovering in the 20%
Let us look at how run rate progressed in each phase of a match. Below table and gfx is comparison of C 4 v C 6 in each phase against Run rate
From the above gfx it clearly indicates rise in C 6 from beginning of the innings. Every 4 overs you would get back to back 6.00 R/o!!.
Below table is summary analysis of each phase(both inns)across primary indicators.
As we can clearly see progress of C 6 and C 10
Below is raw data on No. wkts and boundaries in first 2 balls and last 2 balls of an over
In all phases the first 2 balls produced 30.89% boundaries, and 31.42% wkts
In all phases the last 2 balls produced 35.28% boundaries, and 35.70% wkts


These indicators (C 6, C 10, C 4)includes extras conceded by Australian bowlers.

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