22 May / 2018(519)…Deliverance says the captain

Deliver me says the captain to his bowlers!.

In this IPL i am very keen in looking at the run-rate, especially how bowlers defend when asking run-rate is less than 9 or 8.

The overall run-rate (before play-off) in this IPL is 8.63

1st Bowling 8.73

2nd Bowling  8.52

Hence I sorted out a list of bowlers who conceded less than required run-rate(RRR) in a match. I kept the RRR @8.52 in all situation of a match, and in all results, then i tallied them.

For instance if the asking rate at end of 6th over is 8.52, then i would pick that bowler who concedes less than 9 in the 7th over!. The same process for every over that is bowled while defending in this IPL irrespective of the result!. 

Hope it makes sense?.  

Here is the list of bowlers who conceded less than required run-rate (8.52)

SRH bowling analysis when defending a target, with required run rate is 8.52 or less

I chose Sunrise Hyderabad. Their bowling attack is far superior than any team in this IPL. Interestingly Sandeep Sharma performed brilliantly, conceding least runs when defending < 8.52 /over in all phases!.
Meaning of Indicators
C 5 - Consecutive overs of 5 or less runs
Meaning of Indicators
L 5 - Less than 5 or less runs per over
Meaning of Indicators
Scoring rate - Scoring shots per 100 balls
Meaning of Indicators
Boundary rate - Boundaries per 100 balls
Meaning of indicators
Nb - No ball
W - wide ball
All data are updated at end of 56 games.

Data Credits: https://www.crichq.com/  http://www.espncricinfo.com/  https://www.cricket.com.au/  http://www.cricbuzz.com/


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