21 May / 2018(518)…IPL XI (2018) Table

The three most experienced teams in the IPL history have qualified in this year’s play-off.


The teams that qualified this year’s play-offs are 

Chennai(8 play-off)

Hyderabad (5 play-off)

Kolkata  (5 play-off)

Rajasthan (3 play-off)

The others who did not qualify this year are 

Mumbai  7 play-off

Bangalore 5 play-off

Delhi 3 play-off

Punjab 2 play-off

Below table is list of IPL winners


This year host teams have won 66.07 % in 56 matches played. Here is the progression list of all teams

Progression Table IPL XI 2018

Below is how teams progressed in the ongoing IPL XI(11th edition).
Points after 10 games reflects good reading on how teams have advanced or not.
I have marked light green color for win and red color for loss. The numbers( 1 , 2) above text W & L is when teams batted. For instance W¹= Won match/1st bat, L¹ =Lost match/1st bat, L²= Lost match/2nd bat, W²=Won match/2nd bat.
In below table yellow marked are home wins for teams.

Data Credits: https://www.crichq.com/  http://www.espncricinfo.com/  https://www.cricket.com.au/  http://www.cricbuzz.com/

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