5 Oct / 2017(486)…In ODIs India attain discipline

Earlier this year in Jan India bowled 6 out of 8 no-balls that were bowled in their bilateral series v/s England. Later in Champions trophy they bowled another 6, of which 3 were in finals . Overall there were 17 were bowled in that tournament.

These no-balls are penalised as free-hit(now mandatory for all type and in applicable in T20I as well) therefore in it becomes a foe for every bowler who over steps the bowling crease.

Now it is heartening to know since Champions Trophy – Only one no-ball was bowled by India in their next 15 ODIs played!.


No-ball - A foe for every bowler who over steps

Below is phase-wise list of no-balls and free-hits bowled by Indian bowlers this year. At end Australian series they have played 23 ODIs(including abandoned game in West Indies)
Here is list of error balls by ODIs teams this year.


All data updated at end of India v Australia 5-match ODI series.

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