16 May / 2017(458)…IPL 10 – Battle between highest v lowest margin

Is this year’s IPL (10th edition) a battle between lowest and highest margin of victors ? 

Teams that had lowest margin of wins 

  • less than 10 runs  – 6 teams(Hyd, Pune, Mumbai, Punjab, Delhi and Bangalore)
  • 2 or less wickets remaining – 1 team(Delhi)


Highest margin of wins  

  • with 6 or more wickets to spare -21 teams( Delhi(2), Gujarat(3),Hyderabad(3),Kolkata (5),Mumbai(2),Pune(2),Punjab(3).
  • Win by 50 or more runs – 6 teams(Delhi (2), and one each for Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai



Here is a brief stats analysis of teams in IPL-10.

Table below features team’s success, with margin of wins, run-rate and rest between games.

                         Rest days between games

Teams have benefited from rest days between games. However it is not the same for all teams. So far in 56 games there were 12 wins for teams that took a break of 4 or more days. Apart from Gujarat all teams had one win.

The four qualifying teams (Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad) had more success when they had rest of 4 or more days between games. Hyderabad had the longest break(8 days) between games.

                        Margin of wins 

  • 25 runs

The success rate for batting first in this IPL 2017 is 43.64 % which is very low compared teams that prefer to chase. However both Hyderabad (62.50%)and Pune(57.14%) prefer to bat first as their success rate is high.  If one has to look at the > 25 runs margin of win, than both Pune and Hyderabad had more success than any other teams(see table).

  • 4 wickets or more


Not surprising both other qualifier who prefer to chase are top in the list when it comes to winning games with 4 or wickets to spare. Mumbai won 8 out of 10 games chasing!. In those wins 6  were won with 4 or more wickets to spare.  Kolkata too had similar success while chasing, and much better than Mumbai not only in terms of wickets but also overs to spare – 4 chases they finished with more than 3 overs to spare.


Kolkata’s highlights of successful chase (> 4 wickets to spare) .The only team in this IPL to have a 

10 wickets margins – 5.1 overs to spare

8 wicket margins – 3.3 overs to spare

7 wickets to spare – 3.4 overs to spare

6 wickets to spare – 4.5 overs to spare

The below tables has all the above points.  

Below table features teams that had to defend less than 160 and chase 180 or more. 



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