27 Apr / 2017(456)…IPL-10(31 games)-Team standings.

Here is teams ranking and points at the end of 31 games.

So far Kolkata and Mumbai have won maximum games in this year’s IPL (10th edition).


I have created a point system that also reflects margin of wins and away success. Here are the details.


For wins – 5 point

Bonus 2 points each for-

  • Away win – 2 points
  • Win by 25 or more runs – 2 points
  • Win by 4 or more wickets- 2 points
  • Win with 3 or more overs remaining- 2 points.  

Below table displays sum of all points.

Here are the highlights on margin of wins for teams.

So far…

  • Margin of win:- (>25 runs ) 6 times, with Delhi having done twice (win margin of 51 & 97) rest of them are Kolkata(82), Hyderabad, Pune and Punjab.
  • Margin of win : – (> 4 wickets to spare) 17 times -Two teams have maximum success chasing (> 4 wickets remaining) Mumbai (5) followed by Kolkata(4).
  • Margin of win :- ( > 3 overs remaining)- 8 times. Kolkata(3) won maximum of their games with > 3 overs remaining.
  • Away wins – 12 times teams won away from home, with Kolkata(3) having maximum away wins!.


Kolkata and Mumbai are strong contender to win this year’s IPL, with Kolkata edging out Mumbai in away performance, and margin of wins. Interestingly last year’s champions Hyderabad are yet to win away from home!.

Although tournament is at the half-way stage therefore there is still time for teams to march ahead and qualify in the semis. Teams like Hyderabad, Gujarat, Pune, Delhi and Punjab still have chance to be at the top. However Bangalore will find it impossible to enter the top group.

One feels time has come for teams to change gears and play their best XI. Most teams have not utilised their batting dept and others are not using their experienced players.


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