23 Aug / 2015(340)…(Ashes 2015)Umpires positioning should be lower to ground

In the ongoing Ashes series played in England, only 24 no-balls were bowled by both teams. One would imagine that tall fast bowlers(all above 6 feet) with high arm action and long feet would be bowling more no-balls… It seems they were bowling more no-balls, however the umpires officiating in those games were not able to see those no-balls hence could not adjudicate them.

There are 11 fast bowlers (both teams) playing this series, and whenever a wicket has fallen the umpires usually have doubts (>70%) of no-ball, and they ask for referral to clarify their decision.

Luckily this series was not closely fought, therefore the one penalty run of that “unofficial no-balls”bowled has no importance… unless wicket has fallen to that ball.


                                                                                          Umpire’s dilemma

The problem is their standing position.  And almost every bowler asks the umpire to stand behind the square, which is almost 5 meters from the stumps. Umpires do accommodate this request, so that bowlers are comfortable using the crease, either close to the stumps or wider of the crease.


Umpires position


I believe vision is more clear if one is lower to the ground.


All stats are updated at end of Day 3, 5th Ashes Test. 

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