3 Aug / 2016(419)…West Indies Test bowling : Conceding 500 is a regular feature.

As England play their 500th Test match at home, there is another small more meaningful feat achieved by Indian test team. Their successive score of 500 against West Indies in a test match. In the ongoing series India notched their second 500 score in back to back test matches. Last time it was 10 years ago(2006) in West Indies when India won the 4-test series 1-0. In that series India scored 521/6d (1st Test/2nd inn, Antigua) followed by 588/8d (2nd Test, Gross Islet). Both test were drawn.

In the current series they have won the first test at Antigua scoring 566/8 and are on the verge of winning the second ongoing test in Jamaica after scoring 500/9d.

For the record both Australia and South Africa have 3 consecutive (4 successive) 500 totals against West Indies. In 1969, Australia won The Frank Worrell Trophy 3-1 at home. In that series Australia scored 510(2nd Test, Melbourne) 547(3rd Test, Sydney), 533(4th Test, Adelaide), 619 (5th Test, Sydney).

In 2003-2004, South Africa won the (4-test series)Sir Vivian Richards Trophy 3-0. In that home series South Africa scored 561(1st Test,  Johnannesburg), 658/9dec (2nd Test, Durban), 532(3rd Test, Cape Town),604/6 dec (4th Test, Centurion).

In 515 Tests(including the ongoing 2nd Test)67 times West Indies bowling conceded score of 500 or more. Australia scored the most(22) followed by England(14) and India(10). This decade the frequency is becoming regular.


West Indies depleted bowling attack.

Here is West Indies bowler's line chart graphic of run-rate in last 4 Tests(3 v Australia, and 1 v India in the ongoing series). The graphic shows exclusive run-rate in every phase of 10-overs. In these 4 Tests they picked only 20 wkts!.


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