26 Jul / 2016(418)…One day cricket will help evolve Test cricket.

Test cricket will evolve if 50-over cricket (300 balls/Inn) is played regularly by associate teams, against each other and against top teams. This format is played with maximum 300 balls per innings allowing both defensive and aggressive style cricket, and with recent introduction of two laws, bowlers too have an advantage.

  1. 2 balls used from each end, helps fielding team to have an attacking field in the first power play.The white ball swings more than the red in any given condition.
  2. Bowlers can bowl 2 bouncer per over. The size of white ball is slightly larger than the red one encouraging bowlers to use it regularly.

If marketed well, one day cricket can globalize Test cricket. Test cricket is the ultimate contest where athletes are tested for 5-days on varying surface and ever changing match situation. Today in Sri Lanka(AUS v SL series)they are playing the 2209 Test matches, and so far only 10 countries have been playing this format for  over 100 years.

How does one globalise Test cricket ?.


  • Associate teams can play a greater role.
  • by playing more Int. cricket throughout the year against top teams and teams of their level.
  • At least two associate teams should play minimum 5 Test matches per year.

Twenty20 is the most popular cricket format, but it is an introduction sport for cricket, not the ultimate contest. It is a pathway or a starter to the game. The 120 balls per inning does not allow all players to show their skills sufficiently(both batsman and bowlers)

If you want to learn how to play 540 ball per day cricket(Test cricket), than 300 balls is ideal preparation, not 120 balls.

If associate teams play regular ODI test cricket will evolve if more teams are taking part – 300 balls v 120 balls v 540 balls/day.

To conclude this small post, cricket is a unique sport, where two different skills are executed at the same time. Batting is about scoring runs and saving wickets, and opposite of that is bowling which is to take wickets and give less or no runs!. Hence difficult to balance these two, it is always tilting towards one skill. At this junction(2010-2016) batsmen are dominating almost all three format.

Test cricket is the ultimate contest where balance can be maintained. An athlete is involved in 2700 balls in the course of 5-days

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