24 Dec / 2015(365)…Phases-Australia (The Frank Worrell Trophy)2015

 In the last series played in West Indies earlier this year, Aussies had a decent solid start to their innings. Their run-rate in phase 1 was 3.45 and had lost 4 wkts in 4 Inns in that period, then the run-rate went down a bit @2.93 and remained marginal between 2.75 to 3.45.

In terms of Less than 3 runs/over, West Indies had a good leash on Aussie batting at home, as 61.04% of overs had less than 3runs!.

However at Hobart it was a different scenario. The L 3 (% of less/equal to 3 runs) was @ 32.96%. The Aussies had a exhilarating run-rate of 4.37in that first Test .

Here is how Australian performed in each batting phase v/s West Indies in last 3 Tests.



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