7 May / 2015(316)…Prediction

What is prediction? .

Prediction is reflection of your act, its an image – I would also call it as a shadow. Its always there and it varies depending on one’s act.

A reflection is based on our act, from walking to talking to breathing!.

Sometimes we do things differently, something out of the blue …….this act is called randomness. The source of this randomness can be found in all encounters we had in our life’s journey. Whatever we have seen, or touched, or experienced, even if it is for a fraction of second – these encounter get called by our system/memory to act upon, to come in front. Therefore we all have a random act of conduct – which either amazes or saddens us. It is also called as a “fluke”, or “out of the blue”. These acts are irregular, we hardly are able to repeat. It requires daily practice, dedication, determination and training for it get some consistency.

Some people get frequent random acts in various fields, but due to lack of correct guidance, lack of focus, concentration, and training it remains random.

Once you have reached some degree of consistency in getting proper training(of a particular act), than one can see patterns of prediction in self. These initial prediction are not lasting, but they come frequently, and needs harnessing to resonate.

A small example is breathing. There is a pattern in it, we breathe differently when we are sleeping. Here the breathing is constant and consistent, whereas when we write or walk we breathe differently. We all know how to breath in various situation, but if we have to do something different, something new, than we won’t be able to predict its pattern and find breathing difficult.


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