30 Apr / 2015(315)…Time to Redeem runs at Kolkata(Indian Proportion level)

Last year matches played in Kolkata and Mohali had the least batting average – As the tournament progressed runs became hard to come by -especially after the 10th over till the 15th…..however it has not been the same this year’s (IPL8) – up till now in 3 games Kolkata has the highest batting average!.

Therefore it would be interesting to see if teams (KKR v/s CSK) will take advantage in today(30th game)contest.

Time to redeem runs!.

Here is how IPL 8 has performed in various venues. Kolkata has the highest batting average-56.



This is how IPL performed last year (IPL 7). The first half of the tournament was played in UAE.

IPL7 venues


This is last year’s batting average in Kolkata (4 games)ipl7 Kolkata bat avg



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