31 Jan / 2015(286)…Numbers: meaning and value

I personally think jersey numbers on back of a cricketer should not be random. It should be a representation list, according to when they(he/she) played their first Int. game for their country.

A list of players representing their country.

As we all know that for some time before a game starts it has been a custom to present a cap (all format) to a debutant. This is done by a former cricketer of same country. Here is the time when he gets enlisted in list of players who represented that particular country, therefore why not use the same number on that jersey he wears!.  And if there are more than one cricketer debuting in the same game, than their batting order should decide the numerical order. In case of night watchman than a batsman precedes the bowler.


Yes, the cap they receive has their number written inside of it, but rather than having a random number on your back, I think it would be great for a cricketer to have a sign of country representation on his jersey. As only few have the honor to play for their country!.



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